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Art Journeys
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Welcome to Art Journeys!

Original art by J. Donna Asmussen

JD (Donna) is a painter and printmaker whose art is inspired by the
beauty and complexity of the natural world. Although her work is largely realistic, she also enjoys composing images that combine realistic views of landscapes with memories and dreamed images.
She began painting in watercolor after a career in public education
and has studied printmaking at Colby College. Her studio is at her home in Smithfield, Maine.

Artist’s Statement:


I am fascinated by the interconnectedness of all forms of life, from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. “Dreaming Beyond the Night Sky” was created while I read stories of Native American spiritual beliefs. As I incorporated a Buddhist meditation practice called metta into my life, “LovingKindness” developed.


Once I begin work, my memories, dreams, and imaginings come into play, such as my mid-winter anticipation of spring’s arrival (Beneath a Full Moon I) or envisioning the heavy steps of a baby African elephant (Botswana Baby).  As I learn more about the Earth and creatures with whom we share her, I am continually inspired. 


My newly completed series was inspired by the Belgrade Lakes area of Maine, near my home. The images were completed in pencil, then pen & ink, followed by watercolor. I am currently working on a series of farm, farmers market and organic food inspired paintings.


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Many of the art images on this website are available in matted print and note card formats at my "artjourneys" storefront on If you see an image here that you do not see listed there, feel free to write to me through my email link either here or on ETSY and I will list the piece for you. To find me on ETSY, click through to or cut & paste this link.

If you want more information on a particular piece, please contact me using the direct email link at the bottom of this page.




Wyeth's Place, Monhegan Island, Maine, watercolor 2004.

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